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Are you moving to our South Windsor, Tolland, or greater Hartford neighborhood?  If so, you an oil tank assessment before purchasing your home.   We’re licensed plumbers and heating specialists and we have a rich history of servicing our South Windsor, communities of greater South Windsor for over 50 years.

We offer tank protection warranties for new, single-wall steel, oil tank installations and it only costs pennies a day.  If you need a double-wall tank, we’re partnered with Roth, but we source any tank your installation requires.

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Oil Tank Information

A fuel oil tank is a relatively simple piece of equipment.  It’s typically made of 12-gauge steel. Most oil tank installations include a set of tank legs to create air flow around the tank and prevent tank sweating.  Additionally, a tank needs two separate runs of piping to fill your tank with oil.  Each town has different code requirements.  Generally we install black steel fill and vent pipe runs to your tank.  This piping is installed so a fuel oil delivery truck can easily access the fill station.  The tank outlet can be run from the top, side, or bottom.  Where possible, we install a bottom feed tank run to your boiler or furnace.

Here in Connecticut and greater South Windsor we install above ground tanks.  We do not install underground tanks anymore because steel corrodes when it comes in contact with water.    Underground tanks should be abandoned and replaced with above ground tanks.  We install indoor and outdoor tanks.

The state of Connecticut’s DEEP  and local code enforcement has different requirements for new tank installations.  Where required, we install double wall tanks for ultimate protection from a potential leak. Although it is possible, oil tank leaks rarely cause environmental damage.  It’s extremely important to deal with oil drips, patched tanks, weeping tanks, or anything similar before it causes a bigger problem.  Granby Industries offers a variety of different tanks for every application.  As mentioned above, we also source double wall tanks with leak detectors, which notify homeowners if a leak springs in the internal bladder.


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