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Do you find your “hot” water isn’t hot enough? If your water heater is more than ten years old, you should consider upgrading to avoid potential leaks, and to save money.  We have a diverse customer base.  Almost everyone wants to keep their costs to a minimum.  If you have a natural gas, oil, electric, or any other water heater, Imperial is South Windsor’s plumbing expert.   If your heater is leaking, call us immediately.  Or, if you’re looking to shop for prices, send us a message for a free estimate.

Why does my hot water tank need to be updated?

Over time, minerals suspended in domestic water supplies decrease the operating efficiency of classic tank style water heaters.  It doesn’t matter if you’re using a gas or electric water heater.  Minerals will build up on the heating element in an electric water tank, and sediment will build up at the bottom of the tank in both gas and electric styles.  With tank style water heaters, the water stays hot 24 hours a day and it’s continuously cycling on and off, so you always have hot water.  The second reason your system is becoming inefficient is because of energy prices.  Your cost to keep that water at 120° has steadily increased since you first installed your heater because the gas and electricity prices have gone up.

Benefits of a New Water Heater

Today’s efficient water heaters. both tank and on-demand (tankless), water heaters offer significant savings in operating costs.

The insulation in today’s tank heaters is thicker.  This means your water stays hot without needing as much energy to reheat it.  Also, a new heating element or burner will transfer the heat from the source to your water much better.  Simply put: the heating elements make better heat, and the water stays hot for longer.   People actually find they can take a shower and wash dishes without power because the water is still hot.

For an On-Demand style water heater, the energy savings is significant.  If you’re out of the house most the day, you’ll save even more.  Almost like how a coffee maker takes room temperature water to make hot coffee, an on-demand system fires up when you open a tap and instantly starts making hot water.  Although a coffee maker only drips hot water, the new tankless systems can produce enough hot water to satisfy nearly any application.

Maintaining your water heater

When we install a new tank or on-demand water heater for a customer we provide one-year warranty.  Additionally, we pass along any manufacturer’s warranty to you.  Often, these warranties require an annual inspection, tune-up, or maintenance.  Although your water might seem just as hot as the day it was installed, annual maintenance might help keep your costs down.  We strongly recommend annual service on your water heaters to try and prevent potential problems.  Also, routine maintenance will extend the useful life of your new water heater.

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