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Imperial offers a full list of plumbing services to our local towns because every home in the greater South Windsor, Tolland, Manchester and Glastonbury area has water pipes run throughout.  What does a licensed plumber in Connecticut do you ask?   A plumber can do gas piping work, hot water system installations, water main work, interior drainage, venting, vent stacks, and more.  Because of that, we’d argue plumbing is the most complex aspect of your home. Although you, the homeowner, can do some of the plumbing work yourself, most often you need a licensed professional for the job.

Modern Bathroom with side by side sinks

A few of the most common jobs we get calls for include toilet replacements, water heater replacements, faucet upgrades. relocating water lines for renovations, dishwasher installs, and leaks.  Yes, let’s face it, older plumbing is destined to leak.  Fortunately, Imperial is just a call away.




Plumbing Leaks

Dripping faucet for plumbing repair
Leaky Faucet drip

If your system does spring a leak then you should call or email us.right away.  There are things you can do; such as, first, locate the closest shut off valve.  Most new hookups have shut off valves within sight of the fixture and the shutoffs should be accessible and set with a hand turning valve.  If you cannot locate the leak, there is a main shut off valve for the system at your service entrance.  For the folks with public water service, this is where your main comes into the house from the outside.  If you have a well and pump system, typically you’ll see the pipe and shut off near the well tank.


We’ve been on-call and available for our customers for over 50 years here in South Windsor.  Learn more about our plumber services below, or call us in the office to schedule an appointment at 860.291.0115.


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