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Planning for a kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovation projects, and kitchen plumbing renovations are complicated endeavors.  Some folks prefer to do it over time while others want it done over the course of a week   Imperial works on all kinds of South Windsor kitchen renovations. Through our 50 plus years of business, we’re renovating kitchens we built when we opened.  Times change and things need updating.  Here’s a few things to think about as you consider a renovation.

Kitchen Renovation South WindsorFirst Step to your kitchen renovation:  Make A Plan with a professional!

Make a plan.  Having a plan for your remodel is super important.  A recommended kitchen remodeling company, kitchen designer, or someone similar can help you avoid unexpected costs by going through a checklist.  If you want to do your own planning, there are plans online like this one from This Old House.  After going through an evaluation and quick planning session with a professional you’ll be in a much better position to take the next step.

Second Step: Selecting Your Contractors for Kitchen Renovation

Dealing with tough contractors isn’t why you start a remodel project.  All too often things can end up this way.  Sometimes people aren’t qualified to do what you need, while other times a plan isn’t made before starting a project.  The goal of every renovation for a contractor should be to finish what he or she started.    Research your contractor options first, interview them, and get prices.  We can give you a few recommendations for contractors we’ve worked with in the area if you’d like.  You can message us in Facebook.


Third Step: Choosing your Appliances

It’s always easier, and less expensive, to remodel an existing space than to add on.  Your appliances will often dictate the details of that redesign, and the new layout with updated appliances will change how the space feels.  You may not need a an addition if your design and appliances can lift the space into the 21st century.  Ask your contractor if they can recommend a showroom.  Our customers usually shop for appliances using our contractor code at Our customers usually shop using our contractor code the Hartford or Farmington Waterware Showrooms.  Also, people can browse and shop online at their digital showroom.  We install quality manufacturer products from companies like Delta®, American Standard®, InSinkErator®, and Kohler®.



Step 4:  Get going, stay in communication, but steer clear!

Your kitchen renovation is a huge project.  Once you and your contractor have settled on a timeline and budget, get going!  The longer you wait, the longer it will be until you have a new kitchen to come home to.  Contractors don’t like when customers throw surprises into the mix.  Likewise, homeowners don’t like to get a call about overages in a project.  But, with that said, changes do happen and often makes a much better end product.  Most contractors are used to small changes in design.  Make sure you take some time to walk through your renovation as it’s happening, but not a dozen times a day if you can avoid it.

Lots of us work during the day; if you see a change on the horizon, don’t hesitate to send him or her an email or text when you get home and plan a time to walk through the change in person the next day.    Communication should be easier these days.  Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.  Contractors and plumbers can’t always know what their clients are thinking throughout.  If you’re happy with the progress, steer clear.  If you think the project should be moving at a different pace, ask!

Kitchen Renovation South Windsor with Delta Products

Whether it’s a leaking faucet, or a new ice maker for the bar, our comprehensive plumbing department can do it all.

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