Most homeowners know that a plumbing project can come up without warning,

Do you need plumbing repair?  Dealing with that type of inconvenience quickly and properly can be the difference between a minor hiccup and a major headache.  At Imperial, almost all leaks are treated as an emergency situation.  Our experienced, licensed plumbing staff has seen almost everything.

If you see strange water spots in the ceiling that you’ve never seen before.  Or if your toilet doesn’t seem to flush the same way it once did, shedule an appointment before a drip becomes a leak and avoid that major headache.


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Regardless of your plumbing needs, we come prepared to diagnose your problem every time.  Assessing the problem right away helps us make the repairs quickly so you can get back to living your life.

Your water pipes aren’t very exciting, until something goes wrong.  We work on copper, galvanized, ‘PEX’, ‘Poly’, and any other type of tubing you can imagine.   We’ve been building houses in greater South Windsor for over 50 years; therefore, we’ve seen it all.

Sometimes you just need a few threads tightened down.  Other times you need help locating your main water line shut off.  We do what it takes to fix the problem right away.  We also make recommendations as to how to try and prevent a similar issue in the future.

For all your plumbing repair questions:

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