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Automatic Fuel Delivery for South Windsor Connecticut
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Customers enrolled in Automatic Fuel Delivery have less to worry about.  Additionally, delivery  customers in greater South Windsor experience cost savings, comfort, reliability, and protection of your investment in your home.

How it works…

We use technology-based software to ensure you have heating fuel when needed.  Our software considers the outside temperatures, historic usage, heating equipment efficiency, and a few additional factors to make sure your deliveries are timely.

Automatic Fuel Delivery is Free

Automatic Fuel Delivery doesn’t cost you a thing.  We rely on our customers and you can rely on Imperial.  With a loyal customer base we’re able to purchase fuel in larger quantities and keep consumer prices down.

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Measuring Degree Days, K-Factors and more to Predict Fuel Usage

Are you curious how we predict your oil deliveries to maintain an automatic fuel delivery account?  With thousands of customers in our service area it can get complicated.  Most customers don’t want to guess when they need oil, and neither do we.  Once upon a time automatic fuel delivery meant we would send a truck to a particular neighborhood and deliver to every house.  These days, that doesn’t work for you, or for us.  Therefore we use a sophisticated software program to manage our accounts and to make sure you never run out of fuel.

The K-Factor

The software tracks dozens of factors related to local weather, climate, and personal tendencies.  One of those factors is called a K-Factor.  The K-Factor is a direct reflection of your home.  Each home has a different K-Factor that helps predict when you need fuel.  Although you and your neighbor might have the exact same home, with the same heating system, the same insulation, and minimal air leaks, you might be someone who always feels cold.  To combat that, you always set your thermostat to 74, whereas your neighbor always feels hot and keeps the thermostat at 66.  This alone isn’t a huge difference; however, over the course of one, two or more winters, this can add up to a much different delivery schedule.

The K-Factor is multiplied by the gallons to determine when the delivery should be made.  The number that results from this calculation represents a specific number of degree days.  If an optimal delivery size is 150 gallons, and your specific K-factor is a 6, this would mean we would make a delivery within 900 degree days.  Don’t worry, we’ll explain the degree day part more below.  The point here is that your K – Factor is specific to your home and the rate at which you use your stored fuel.

And finally, the Degree Days

Without calculating degree days it’d be nearly impossible to predict when our customers need fuel deliveries.  Degree day systems are imperative to an energy provider here in Connecticut because winter temperatures can dip below zero.  We’ve also seem winter temperatures reach upwards of 70 degrees.  Degree day systems help calculate the need for heating fuel.

Generally, the standard number we calculate degree days from is 65 degrees.  The degree day system calculates the temperature variance from that ‘acceptable’ 65 degrees over a 24-hour period.  This number is then the local area’s degree day count for that 24 hour period.  The degree days are calculated by taking average between the the low temperature and the high temperature for the day, and subtracting that from the 65.  So, if a winter day had a high of 32 degrees and a low of 16 degrees, we’d have an average of 24 degrees. The difference between 65 and 24 is 41.  This is the degree day count for that specific day of the year.

Additional Factors

Whether you have a commercial building, a residential home, or something in between, calculating your expected need to deliver fuel is no simple strategy.  We often hear a temperature of 30 but it feels like 10 with the wind chill.  This can have an affect on your fuel usage, but our software system picks up on this after a few deliveries.  This tells us your house is more or less energy efficient.   If you go on vacation for a month and turn your system down to 50 degrees, your next delivery might be smaller than your typical delivery size.  Regardless, our prices are the same no matter the size of delivery we make to your home.   Contact Imperial today at 860.291.0115 to sign up for fast, efficient and smart Automatic Fuel Delivery service in South Windsor.

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