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We’re the local plumbing contractor choice for new construction, renovations, and remodels throughout South Windsor.  As a licensed plumbing contractor for 50 years, we’ve seen almost every type of job.  Our business began by teaming up with local builders and installing all the plumbing for numerous developments in South Windsor and surrounding towns.  Our business has grown throughout the years because our community is growing.  Initially we mostly worked on residential projects but since have broken out into light commercial and industrial work.  Our licensed, experienced plumbers can handle all aspects of your renovation or new construction project, including the permit process.

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What Type of Pipe Should My Plumbing Contractor Install?

Many of our customers, both homeowners and contractors, have questions about the piping plumbers install.  These days, there are so many options for domestic hot and cold water runs that it’s hard to list them all, and describe their benefits.  Read more below to get smarter about your home’s plumbing system.



Stainless steel is expensive but looks great. It’s a beautiful finishing-touch for fixtures and is the best choice for some exposed connection points because it does not pit and corrode the same way other metal tubing might. We recommend that washing machine connections are made with braided stainless steel hoses,among other connection points.


Copper Tubing is the most common type of piping used in the northeast. It can be used both indoors and out. Although the cost of copper has increased over the years, it is still relatively versatile because the connections can be done with solder and a torch. Copper is mostly rigid; once installed and properly fastened down, copper rarely makes any noise as hot or cold water passes through. Copper can also be used for hydronic heating.


Galvanized steel pipes were an alternative to lead pipes and entered the residential markets in the late 1800’s and remained popular through the 1960’s here in
the northeast. The zinc coating helped prevent exterior rust and corrosion. Over the years, galvanized steel pipes were found to spring leaks from the interior of
the pipe, or cause rust buildup from the reaction with the water. Since then many galvanized pipes have been replaced.


Brass piping and connection points are still very common in many residential plumbing installations. Made of 60-85% percent copper, these valves and connections do not rust, meaning a limited opportunity for leaks and flow restriction. Brass fittings have better threads than galvanized pipes and are easier to install, remove, and service. Many well pumps installed are done with brass to this day and, once tightened properly, will almost never leak.


PEX, or cross-linked polyethylene, tubing has become the preferred material for plumbing installations for many plumbers. It comes in three different types, PEX-A, PEX-B, and PEX-C; each has its own benefits. Generally, PEX is easier to install as it is flexible, corrosion resistant, and less expensive. Installations can be more expensive because homeowners often choose “home-run” routing of tubing for increased water pressure at individual fixtures. This method means less pressure loss with multiple faucets being opened at the same time.


Commonly seen and known in our area for well pump installations, Polyethylene tubing, or PE tubing, can withstand pressures up to 200 PSI or more. It’s a great choice for well pump installations because it comes in rolls of a hundred feet or more, meaning less pressure drop with fewer connection points. PE tubing isn’t as flexible as PEX. However, “Black Poly” is a great, cost-effective choice for direct burial below the frost line.

New Construction

Imperial works with homeowners and contractors on new home construction.  We take care of all the permitting required for your jobs and ensure the inspectors are happy with the design.  To start a project, click below.

Remodels & Renovations

Are you planning a renovation project, remodel or anything similar?  We’re the local choice for plumbing design in greater South Windsor.  For free estimates click on the link below.

Fixtures & Appliances

Our partner, Waterware Showrooms, has everything you could want from a fixture supply house.  You can choose your fixture, have us order it, and we’ll bring it to you for installation.

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