Imperial Home Services Now Available!

Imperial has been servicing homes in the area for over half a century.  We’re now offering more complete home services in greater South Windsor. Throughout our years of service, we’ve learned a thing or two about residential properties and the people of our community.  We’re excited to offer these new handyman type services throughout our service area so you have one less person to call, and one more reason to rely on Imperial.  

Power or pressure washing parts of your home can add instant value and curb appeal to your home.  Not only does pressure washing improve the looks of your house, it helps to maintain surfaces too.  We can help you pressure wash a deck, driveway, siding, walkway or anything else that might need a good clean up.  Of course, we want to make sure we don’t do any damage, so we’ll come do an assessment and make recommendations for how to best clean the surface.

Is Power Washing or Pressure Washing The Right Choice?

For instance, if you have mildew growing on a painted wooden fence, pressure washing might not be the best idea because it will remove the paint.  If you want to repaint your fence, pressure washing will be more appropriate.  Pressure washing vinyl or clapboard siding might be difficult, and it might not even be necessary with the right tools.


Common Requests

Requests for decks, sidewalks and walkways are the most frequent inquiries for us here in South Windsor.  Our weather can make it hard to keep your house looking fresh.  We can help you get your surfaces clear of the fungi and mildew that can make your walkways deteriorate and sometimes slippery.

Whether you want to keep the light out, keep up with modern trends, or just get something up to create some privacy from the neighbors, curtains and window dressings are an important part of your home decor.  Imperial home services offers curtain and window treatment services through our service department.  Home Service Window South Windsor

Professional, Precise, Perfect.

We can help you hang your mini blinds, or floor curtains.  Imperial does not sell these products but we can certainly help you install them, without ruining your window casings.  We have tools to make sure each curtain matches the other and meets your desired look.

Of course, hanging curtains isn’t hard for some folks, but if you’re buying a new property for rental purposes, don’t feel comfortable on a ladder, or don’t own a drill, Imperial home services might be the right choice.  If you have 25 windows on a new build or one window with damage from a move out, call 860.291.0115 and let us help!

Are you looking to add some floating shelves to a bathroom?  Do you need a shelf repaired in your pantry?  Imperial Home Services offers shelving installation and repair services throughout our service area from our South Windsor, Connecticut location.

Shelf Installation South Windsor Home Services

One of the most inexpensive ways to add value to a home is to maximize the space you have and make it appear spacious.  If you need attic, basement, kitchen, bath, garage or shed shelving installed, we can help.  We don’t manufacture or sell shelving units because it’s easy enough to buy it online or at box store.  The hard part is installing it safely.

Contact us here, call Imperial Home Services at 860.291.0115 or email us at so we can come out and help.

Times have changed.  More people are buying furniture online or from places like ikea.  Have you ever ordered furniture online?  Did you need help?  If so, Imperial Home Services specializes in these types of assembly and installations.

Desk, Wardrobe, Dressers

If you order a couch, all you might need is the feet removed and installed to get it through the door.  If you order a dresser, wardrobe, desk, or bed frame, this can be frustrating.  The images and instructions make it look easy, right?  Well, once you start opening the boxes and finding hundreds of pieces that all look alike, then you might start feeling buyers remorse.

Let Imperial’s savvy home service department personnel help.  We can schedule a time to un-box, assemble. and take away all the garbage from your furniture delivery.  Call us today at 860.291.0115

Here in New England we look forward to those few months of getting outside.  We work round the clock in the heating months to keep your house warm and comfortable.  Now, we’re able to help you with your outdoor comfort as well.

Don’t do this!


Do you have patio furniture like an umbrella, table, chairs, chaise lounges, grills, or sports equipment?  If so, you probably spent a decent amount on your patio set up with cushions and all the comforts to enjoy the late spring, summer and early fall.  Imperial can help you get set up and put away for each season.  We can wash down your patio and move your comforts to a safe winter haven.  Imperial home services gives you one less thing to think about, twice a year!

Storm Windows

Another big part of getting ready for winter is getting your storm windows in place to save energy.  Of course, not everyone has storm windows.  If you do, Imperial Home Services an help you get ready for winter.  We do not install storm windows.  We help you manage the pain they can prove to be.

Storm Window South Windsor

Don’t wait for your children or grandchildren to come around to help you, call Imperial at 860.291.0115 for an appointment.  We’ll get everything ready for the winter winds and get your screens stored in safe, organized place for spring time swap out.


If you have screens for you windows or storm doors, we can help get those installed for you.  Also, with dogs, children, nuisance neighbors, birds, or limbs, screens get damaged. While it isn’t particularly difficult to repair or replace screens, it can be hard to do it right.  We’ll help you reinstall your screens into seasonal spaces, or repairs screens that need work.

Screen repair south windsor

Do you have a fence to keep family in, or neighbors out?  If so, our harsh climate can take its toll, whether wooden or vinyl.  Imperial Home Services now offers fence repair services on a limited basis to customers in greater South Windsor.

Vinyl Fence Repair

Vinyl Fence South Windsor

If water turns to ice inside your fence, it can crack.  Maybe you have mildew or shrubs growing through your fence that caused it to warp or heave.  Imperial can help.  Vinyl fencing is a great look with minimal maintenance required.  If a tree comes down on the fence and you need repair, we’re just a call away.

Wooden Fence Repair

Wood Fence south windsor

Almost all wood will degrade over time when exposed to our harsh New England weather.  The hot, humid summers can cook your fence while the wet winters create the perfect environment for splitting, cracking, mold, mildew and eventual rot.  Once wooden fences start to go, it’s best to fix them before it starts to affect the attached sections.  Our crews can help fix a sagging gate, a rotten post, or whatever type of repair you need.  Contact us today at 860.291.0115.

Are living in greater South Windsor in the almost perfect home?  Was your home perfect when you moved in, but circumstances have changed?  Imperial home offers safety modification services to our customers.  Types of things we provide are:

  • fasten loose floor boards
  • fixing locks
  • railing repairs
  • grab handle installation
  • stair tread safety
  • carbon monoxide detector assessment
  • Home Safety South Windsorand much more

Senior Living Modifications can be the difference between staying put and selling your home.  Most folks want to spend as much time in the home they’ve made theirs for as long as possible.  With Imperial Home Services, we can help you continue to live your dreams by modernizing your home to meet your needs.

Bathroom modifications

The bathroom is one of the most important places in your house. With a full staff of licensed plumbers and installers, we can help you find and install the fixtures that make living at home easier.

  • Toilets
  • Shower and tub grab bars
  • Walk in Tubs
  • Easy Access Vanities
  • Curbless showers
  • Non-slip matting
  • Toilet grab bars
  • much more!
Handicap Toilet Installation South Windsor

Do you have an antique claw foot tub?  Do you have a small, full-bath with limited space?  Did you update your bathroom and don’t like the idea and look of glass doors?  People like privacy and a shower curtain might be your preference for your home shower or tub.

Imperial can help you install a new shower curtain and rod.  We have all the tools to install a sturdy curtain rod so you don’t have to worry about drilling into some new tile wall.  Contact us at 860.291.0115 to have us come take a look.  Or, email us a picture of your job to

South Windsor Shower Curtain Rod

Looking for a quick, inexpensive way to update your bathroom?  Replacing an outdated vanity with a modern unit can add instant value to your home.  Imperial home services and Imperial Plumbing work together with your vanity provider to find the right unit to fit your space and current plumbing.

Upgrading to double sinks

Kitchen or Bath Renovation Fixtures

Have you and your family outgrown your current vanity space?  Do you need more sinks, more storage, and more counter space?  We don’t sell vanities, we just help you install the one to fit today’s needs.  Contact us at 860.291.0115 to have one of our experts come out ASAP.

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