No matter the heating system, safe and efficient operation is extremely important.

South Windsor Connecticut winters are brutal.  To head off potential problems and to have a safe and efficient heating system means everything.   How do you do that?  It’s simple: have Imperial perform an annual tune up on your system.  Our tune up isn’t just a routine maintenance call.  Imperial’s heating services includes a comprehensive heating tune up at a reasonable price and we have the bait and switch tactics of certain competitors.  Our technicians perform system evaluations and make recommendations to increase your heating system efficiency.  How much can you save by having an annual preventive maintenance call performed?

Save money with an annual tune up with Imperial’s Heating division


These days every dollar you can save counts, especially when it comes to your heating bills.  Heating costs include routine maintenance, the cost of your actual fuel, and the costs of any repairs you may need.  Generally speaking, the repairs can be the most difficult to manage because repairs are not cheap.  Additionally, these repairs might need to be performed after hours, which only costs you more.

For all these reasons, scheduling an annual maintenance with Imperial is super important.  Your system will be optimized for efficiency for the upcoming season after the appointment, meaning fewer surprises when your boiler or furnace fires up for the first time each year.  Not only that, but you we’ll be able to head off many of the nuisance type calls we get from customers when the snow starts to fly.  If your system provides you with domestic hot water through the entire year it’s even more important to have this done because you’re more dependent on fuel throughout the year.


We perform efficiency tests on every scheduled maintenance call which helps to flag any potential issues your system is having before they become emergencies.  Some people are curious how well their system converts the potential energy into actual heat for their hot water or heating system, while other folks are indifferent to it.  Regardless, we view this as one of the most important aspects to an annual tune up.

Your efficiency ratings and our safety checklist makes sure your boiler or furnace is operating as the manufacturer designed so you get the most out of it.  If your system is 40 years old, then there’s a chance your efficiency ratings are in the 60-70th percentile.   For newer systems, your efficiency ratings can be in the upper 80’s.  This means the fuel you put to your system is being converted into heat.  Efficiency ratings also account for how well your system converts that heat into useful energy for the desired application, whether warm-air, a steam or water boiler, or an oil-fired water heater.  A great resource to learn more about efficiency ratings is our own government’s ENERGY STAR® program.  To learn more about upgrading your system visit our heating installation page.


Our standard tune-up and safety inspection goes through the entire system to help protect you from unforeseen breakdowns in the winter

• Replace Oil Filter, Oil Nozzle, and Fuel Strainer
• Inspect and Adjust the Fuel Oil Pump
• Adjust Burner Flame
• Inspect and Adjust the Ignition Electrodes
• Inspect the Transformer
• Adjust the Air Volume Control
• Inspect Cad Cell
• Adjust Draft Regulator
• Inspect, Brush, and Vacuum the Heat Exchanger
• Check Hot Water Safety Controls
• Inspect Circulator Pump(s)
• Assess and Inspect Expansion Tank
• Inspect Blowers and all moving parts
• Perform comprehensive Efficiency Test

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