Our Heating Maintenance Agreement is built to provide our fuel oil customers an additional level of protection from unforeseen instances.

Why do I need to sign up for a Maintenance or Service Agreement with Imperial?  South Windsor winters are brutal, at least compared to most of the country.  Our Heating Service Agreement includes several services that will keep your family safe, and your system operating economically throughout the term of the agreement.

  • Annual System Tune-Up & Safety Inspection
    Maintaining a heating system can save you up to 10% on heating costs. This can mean an average of 70 gallons per season and increased system reliability.  Also, and most important, it can help deflect the costs of a system shutting down due to a faulty part.  Of course, we can’t predict every malfunction.  However, the majority of no heat calls we receive are a direct result of poor maintenance practices by competing companies, or by homeowners themselves.  Learn more about about our heating system tune up here.
  • Comprehensive Repair Discounts!
    In the event your system does have a problem, no matter the cause, Imperial offers three levels of protection for our customers.  We offer percentage discounts for repairs to your existing system.  These repairs are covered both during standard business hours, and for after-hours calls.  Our Standard plan covers 25% off all repairs to your existing heating system.  The Imperial Plan covers 50%.  This is a huge cost savings for any of our customers when repairs are needed.  If you’re looking for a simple plan, our Basic level offers 10% off all repairs.  Call our office!
  • 24/7 No-Heat Emergency Service
    We are available around the clock for our Service customers and for our fuel delivery customers.  Typically, all our fuel customers enroll in a Service Agreement because it covers so much, and at such a fair price.  No one wants to have a cold house while trying to find a trusted provider who can come out in the middle of the night.  Our customers know, without question, that we’re there for them.  We dispatch technicians no matter what time of day or night to make sure your house is safe from freezing up.

For any questions you may have concerning our Heating Service Agreement:

Heating Service Agreement Including 24/7 Emergency Service for greater South Windsor, Connecticut

Service Agreement South Windsor Connecticut Heating

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