Imperial Oil & Plumbing offers quality heating care to all of our customers.

Heating Service

Imperial offers complete and comprehensive heating services throughout South Windsor, Connecticut and surrounding towns.  We have extensive service offerings to meet the demands of our local homeowner base here in greater Hartford.  It’s no secret that New England’s winters can be fierce and temperatures often touch down below zero.  Keeping your home and family warm throughout the winter is our primary concern.  Imperial has the experience to keep our customers warm throughout the coldest nights.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant Heating Services for Concrete, Tile & Wood Floors

Radiant Heat In floorIn-floor radiant heat is the most comfortable type of heating system.  Although it can be labor intensive to install, it is the recommended choice for most new construction.

Radiator Heating Services

Classic Baseboard Stand-Up Radiators

Still one of the most comfortable ways to keep warm, we offer a complete line of baseboard and free standing radiators for every application, including hot water and steam radiators.

Boiler Installation Services

High-Efficiency Hot Water & Steam Heating


Heating Installation


High-Efficiency boilers are the way of today.  The cost of installing a new boiler increases the value of your home and reduces your energy costs.  Click below to learn more.

Heating Services made safe with Uponor Products

Our trusted partner for fire-safety and all things hydronic heating

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