Imperial offers superior Fuel Oil Delivery Services in South Windsor and beyond.

Imperial offers full-service fuel oil delivery services to people throughout greater South Windsor, Connecticut. We deliver the highest quality fuel, on trusted schedules, at competitive prices because most our customers work for a living.  Heating your house shouldn’t be an emotional roller-coaster like with other companies so we offer standard 11-month budget plan payment options, or retail payment options.  We make payment and accessing service easy.  Our customer service staff is helpful and our technicians are available to our customers 24 hours a day.

Heating and Fuel Oil Delivery for the 21st Century

Modern heating fuel oil burner systems operate at 85 – 95 percent efficiency when properly maintained. In addition to being efficient, fuel oil is safe. It is non-combustible in its’ stored state. Additionally, when fuel oil is vaporized and burned, it provides the most heat per unit when compared to similar home heating sources, like natural gas.

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