Propane Delivery South Windsor and throughout greater Hartford and Tolland Counties!

Our Propane Delivery  business in South Windsor started just a few years ago.  Since then, we’ve installed thousands of tanks throughout our service area.  In fact, we’re seeing neighborhoods with natural gas lines install propane systems, rather than switch to gas from the utilities.  Most customers switch from electric heat and oil heat to propane, but we work with all types customers.

How does a propane delivery company work?

It’s not too complicated.  There are a few important aspects to a propane gas system.  First, there’s the tank.  Second, the gas lines.  Lastly, the appliance or appliances themselves.  After all of that’s installed, and safely checked by our local inspectors, there’s the on-going propane delivery and safety inspections.   Here’s a little bit more about each of those…

Propane Tank Systems 

Deciding on what size tank you need at your house isn’t like picking one up for your grill at the gas station down the road. While they do sell larger size tanks at the box stores, you’ll pay a huge premium and may sacrifice safety.   Also, those tanks really don’t store much LP, or liquid propane, relative to what you need.  Each and every town has specific zoning requirements and propane storage systems must be installed according to specific safety requirements.   We will sell, or lease tanks to our customers.

Tank Options

For some folks, leasing a tank makes more sense because you’re able to get your system running for a lower initial price.  Other folks like to buy their tank and have us install it.  We offer 1,000 gallon propane tanks, 500 gallon propane tanks, 330 gallon propane tanks, and 120 gallon propane tanks.  Most often you’ll see two 120 gallon propane tanks “pigtailed” together which gives the homeowner a lot of flexibility for the long term.  You can choose to have your tank buried, or installed above ground.  Generally the above ground tank installations are much quicker, less expensive, and easier to maintain.  However, a buried a tank offers certain benefits as well.   Once you have your tank sized and the location chosen, then you need to install the gas lines!

Propane Delivery Tank Sizes

Gas Line Installation

Propane gas line work must be done by a licensed professional.  Why?  Because most gas leaks happen in the piping system, not in the tanks.   The lines are made from black pipe, or from stainless steel.  The tubing size is different for propane than it is for natural gas.  Gas lines can be 3/8, 1/2, or larger depending on your application and appliance demands. When we install a propane gas line, Imperial pressure tests your entire installation, from the tank, through the lines, to each appliance.

Gas Pressure Tests

Gas lines must be up to code and pressure tested before we can deliver propane.  For whole-home propane gas installations we sometimes install two regulators to step down the pressure from high pressure at the tank to a lower pressure at the appliance.  Additionally, we perform a be checked for leaks when the system is installed.  Lastly, after everything is pressure tested, the lines must be bonded back to a grounding rod to prevent electrical current from causing a spark.

Propane Delivery Gas Lines

Ready for a Propane Delivery?

No matter what the use, from grills to gas ranges, and water heaters to generators and heating systems, Imperial understands each customer’s usage preferences to ensure an easy experience and transparent pricing for your propane delivery services.  Don’t hesitate to call and get your daily price information.


Benefits of Propane Delivery Gas Services from Imperial

  • Increased Energy Efficiency
  • Dependable, Eco-Friendly Equipment
  • 1/3 the Cost of Electric Energy
  • High-End Cook Top Equipment Can Increase the Value of Your Home

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